Desk Supplies That Made Me Organized AF

So far 2021 has been the year I am most inspired to be the best version of myself. I spend a significant amount of my time at my desk (in my bedroom unfortunately) due to work. I have to admit, I've never really been a really neat person. I call it passion and having a million thoughts running through my brain at all times keeping me from taking the time needed to put things away. I don't want to do a full desk tour yet, as I'm currently waiting to upgrade my computer and put the $20 folding chair I've been painfully sitting on to rest. But... I have items that really change how I function, motivate me to be organized, and make my desk a more enjoyable place to be. These items were either gifts or they're from one of my bajillion orders from Amazon that'll I'll link for anyone who likes useful, unique, and affordable finds. They're all so very "ME".

A. Iridescent Undated Goal Planner | My main squeeze. The one that changed everything.

B. Custom Holographic Business Cards from Paper Scissor Stock (Etsy). So Perfect!

C. Moon & Star Ceramic Pencil Holder | My Aesthetic.

D. Black on Black #2 Pencils | My Aesthetic.

E. Mintra Office Legal Pads Pastel 6-pack | Pretty colors & the paper is THICK.

F. Celestial Journal | Birthday gift from last year, BUT, Found the Link!

G. Rose Gold Faux Succulents | Gift that I can't find exact link for but is from Amazon.

H. Cowin SE7 Wireless Headphones | Obsessed with these because I can't stand ear bud headphones and they were a little over $100. They also come with a really nice case, the charge lasts for days, and there's an optional aux cord. They're super comfy too!

I. Aquarius Birthstone Healing Crystals Box Set | Just because I'm one of those people.

J. Keanu Reeves Coloring Book | Christmas gift from my sister of my celeb crush since the 90s.

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