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Staging Master Class

Staging Master Class is an online course created by Audrey Taylor, a successful Real Estate Home Stager and owner of Valley View Staging [valleyviewstaging.com]. She created the online course of 5 modules with 15-video lessons and a ton of additional resources to kickstart your career in home staging all at your own pace. Audrey's goal was to launch a course to show how to build the life of your dreams and create a successful business all while doing what you love: interior design with real estate staging. Her business has consistently generated over $250,000 annually for the last few years. 

The guidance and toolkits that Staging Master Class offers are going to fast track your road to success. Learn from Audrey's mistakes, take advantage of her experience, and streamline your action plan while avoiding the pitfalls of starting a small business from scratch and avoiding the roadblocks of starting a small business completely on your own.

What I Was Able to Offer as Visual Designer & Creative Strategist:
I had the wonderful opportunity to come in as a Freelance Visual Designer and Creative Strategist for the month of January 2021. My job was to create and design a course website that included (5) course modules with expandable menus of content. From video lessons, downloadable media, and useful affiliate links, the material would have a clean and concise design and excellent user experience. I also designed other pages that included (2) advertisements pages, about page, course dashboard, payment and checkout page, and course certification, as well as the design of infographics and curation of photographs for use on the promotional pages where original media was not necessary. I managed content sharing with Audrey and her team and launched the site. View full project at www.stagingmc.com
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